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Revealing the Past, Knowing the Present, and Grounding the Future.


The Board of the Australian Institute of Archaeology



Acting Chairman: Dr Michael Theophilos, BTh, MA, ThM (Can), MA (Macquarie), MSt (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)

Public Officer:  Dr Christopher J. Davey, BSc, MA (Cantab), MA (Lond), PhD (La Trobe)

Professor W. Ian Edwards, BA, MEd, PhD (La Trobe), TPTC, SATC, FRMIT

Dr Jennifer Ellis, BA(Hons), GDipEd, GDipMuseumSt (Deakin), PhD (Monash)

Dr David Hamer, BEc (Monash), MEd, PhD (Melbourne)

Professor Gregory H.R. Horsley, BA (Syd), PhD (Macquarie)

Professor Boyo G. Ockinga, MA (Auck), DPhil (Tübingen)

Dr Luis R. Siddall, BA(Hons), MA (Macquarie), GDipEd, PhD (London)

Dr Megan B. Turton, BA(Hons), PhD (Sydney)

Deborah A. Upton, BSc, BA(Hons)

Howard J. Wilkins, BSc, BD, GDipEd

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