Revealing the Past, Knowing the Present, and Grounding the Future.

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Christopher Davey


BSc, MA (Cantab), MA (Lond), PhD (La Trobe)

MAusIMM, MRSV, Mine Manager’s Certificate of Competency 

Telephone: +61 3 9455 2882

Mobile: +61 (0) 421 595 966



Christopher Davey became the honorary director of the Institute in 2002 after retiring from National Australia Bank where he was a project finance executive. He has been responsible for the Institute’s re-establishment in a building leased from La Trobe University. The development of the Institute's catalogues for the library, collection and archives has been a major responsibility and the organisation of accession path documentation for the museum collection is an important achievement.


Chris began his archaeology at St John’s College, Cambridge, where he also read ancient languages. He then continued the study of archaeology and ancient history at the Institute of Archaeology, London. He has excavated in the Middle East, Australia and the United Kingdom; he now digs regularly in Cyprus and Egypt. He has published papers on the history of mining and metallurgy, ancient architecture, maritime archaeology and the history of archaeology. He edits the Institute’s annual journal Buried History.


Employment as an underground miner at Broken Hill, surveyor, engineer, mines inspector, contract design engineer, tertiary lecturer (mining and systems engineering) and international bank executive has given Chris broad perspectives. The interconnections with archaeology and history are many, while in banking these interfaces led to an involvement with environmental issues as they related to the bank's operations and loan book. 

Dianne Fitzpatrick

Collections Manager

BA(Hons) (La Trobe), PhD (Melb)

Mobile: +61 0 412 699 202



Dianne Fitzpatrick is an archaeologist who began working on the AIA archaeological collections as a post-graduate volunteer.  She became the Honorary Collections Manager in 2010 and is responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures for preserving and safeguarding the AIA artefact holdings.


Dianne completed her Bachelor of Archaeology at La Trobe University where she engaged in themes involving human evolution and ancient technologies, particularly in relation to the peopling of Australia from Africa via the Middle East. She is also interested in the practical application and technical aspects of the archaeological process. Her PhD at the University of Melbourne examined how artefact collections are created, managed and preserved in the Middle East. She has excavated and conducted research in Africa, Australia, Israel, Jordan, Syria and Turkey and has travelled widely throughout the Middle East. 


She regularly presents at Australian and international conferences and has published papers, articles and a monograph on archaeological collections management. She is a member of the International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICOMOS-ICAHM) which recommends policy to UNESCO for managing and preserving archaeological heritage values.

Margaret Zarifeh

Library Manager

Telephone: +61 3 9455 2882

Fax: +61 3 9455 3883

Henry Huggins

Technical Manager

Telephone: +61 3 9455 2882

Fax: +61 3 9455 3883


Henry Huggins is responsible for the imaging of objects and the maintenance of the Institute's plant and equipment. 


Henry served 30 years in the Victoria Police, 26 of those were in the Victoria Police Forensic Services Division as a crime scene examiner where he developed techniques to record and analyse shoe-prints, tyre-prints and tool-marks. He attained the rank of Senior Sergeant and Officer-in-Charge of the Crime Scene Section. In the 1989 Queen's Birthday Honours he was awarded the Australian Police Medal for distinguished Police Service. On retirement he started volunteering at a number of archaeological digs both in Australia and overseas and acquired quite a name as an expert troweller.

Joanna Heap

Communications Manager

BA(Hons), MA (Melb)

Telephone: +61 3 9455 2882

Fax: +61 3 9455 3883


Joanna was awarded her Bachelor of Arts with Honours from the University of Melbourne in 1999 and went on to complete her Master of Arts in Archaeology in 2005. Her dissertation focused on Early Bronze Age textile production in Anatolia. In particular, she developed a large database of textile tools and implements from across three EBA sites which helped to document the economic development of pre-city states and the division of labour within prehistoric societies.

Jo has volunteered her time at the Institute since it moved to its current premises. Whilst completing her studies Jo helped to setup and develop a small web design business producing websites and marketing material for small business. She created the Institute’s logo, marketing material, website and social media pages and continues to work alongside the Director to keep the website up-to-date with Institute news and current archaeological news from around the world.