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Journal of The Australian Institute of Archaeology

Buried History publishes papers and reviews based on the results of research relating to Eastern Mediterranean, Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology, Epigraphy and the Biblical text, and the history of such research and archaeology generally for an informed readership.

Current Issue 2021 Volume 57
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Table of Contents


Apotropaic Figurines from Nimrud (Calah) in the Australian Institute of Archaeology Collection, by Luis R. Siddall
A Silver Roman Coin of Elagabalus and the Ship of State Tradition, by Jonathan Smith
The Conservation of a Mummified Child from the Australian Institute of Archaeology
by Holly Jones-Amin and Marica Mucic
James Mellaart: A review of a recent book, some personal memories, and archaeological deception, by Christopher J. Davey 33


Michael P. Theophilos, Numismatics and Greek Lexicography, T&T Clark 2020, reviewed by GHR Horsley 
Eric H. Cline, Digging up Armageddon: The search for the Lost City of Solomon, Princeton UP 2020, reviewed by Christopher J. Davey

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