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The Journal of 

The Australian Institute of Archaeology

Buried History publishes papers and reviews based on the results of research relating to Eastern Mediterranean, Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology, Epigraphy and the Biblical text, and the history of such research and archaeology generally for an informed readership.

Papers are refereed in accordance with Australian HERDC specifications. 

Opinions expressed are those of the authors concerned and are not necessarily shared by the Australian Institute of Archaeology.

Published by:     The Australian Institute of Archaeology, 
                        ACN 004 246 682 / ABN 23 004 246 682

                        ISSN 0007-6260

Editor:             Christopher J Davey

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Editorial Board


Thomas W. Davis, Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Backgrounds, SWBTS, Fort Worth

David W.J. Gill, Professor of Archaeological Heritage, University of Kent

Timothy P. Harrison, Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Toronto

Gregory H.R. Horsley, Professor of Classics, University of New England, Armidale NSW

Alan R. Millard, Emeritus Professor and Honorary Senior Fellow, University of Liverpool

Alanna Nobbs, Macquarie University
Boyo G. Ockinga, Macquarie University
Luis R. Siddall, Sydney Grammar School
Lindsay Wilson, Old Testament Lecturer, Ridley College, Melbourne

Exchange: The Australian Institute of Archaeology is keen to exchange Buried History with comparable journals for inclusion in the Institute’s library. If you are interested an Institutional Exchange, please contact the Editor, Dr Christopher Davey on or call + 61 4 2159 5966

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