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A Win for the Institute - Best Poster at ASOR 2019

The Institute won the Joy Ungerleider Award for best poster at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research in San Diego. The competition was stiff with 37 posters vying for the prize.

The poster was based on a recent paper in Buried History, the journal of the Australian Institute of Archaeology, that reports on what appears to be a world first, the imaging by a synchrotron of an ancient Assyrian tablet encased in an inscribed clay envelope. The authors of the poster were Dr Joseph Bevitt, Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Carla Raymond, Macquarie University, Dr Luis Siddall, Australian Institute of Archaeology and Dr Christopher Davey, Australian Institute of Archaeology and the University of Melbourne.

The translation of the cuneiform text benefited from oversight by Professor Nicholas Postgate, University of Cambridge, and Professor Emeritus Robert Englund, UCLA.

The images of the tablet, envelope and their translation are now on the CDLI site at

Download the Poster here


Christopher Davey with the poster in San Diego November 2019

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