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Buried History Monograph #2


Names in the Study of Biblical History: David, YHWH Names, and the Role of Personal Names

by Francis I. Andersen and Richard S. Hess



This study demonstrates the importance of personal names for the analysis of the authorship and composition of the Hebrew Bible. Using specific examples from the Old Testament and the Tel Dan inscription related to the spellings of King David and of the suffix elements of Yahweh on personal names, the study demonstrates how these evolve in both biblical and epigraphic texts. Because the changing forms and spellings of names can be correlated with the dating of the original writing of the texts, it is possible to conclude that these spellings demonstrate an antiquity and authenticity to the biblical texts in which they occur. The work concludes with a selected bibliography for the further study of personal names in biblical and related ancient Near Eastern sources.



20p + iv illus. bibliography ISBN 978-0-9803747-0-4



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Buried History Monograph #3


Early Church Architectural Forms: A Theologically Contextual Typology For The Eastern Churches Of The 4th - 6th Centuries

by Susan Balderstone, Adjunct Professor in Cultural Heritage, Deakin University


This monograph analyses the archaeological remains of churches in the eastern Mediterranean region in relation to the theological debates of the fourth, fifth and sixth centuries, bringing together information from sources covering excavations undertaken over the past 100 years. It concludes that certain architectural forms or designs became accepted through association with particular doctrinal positions. A chronological and theological framework for the various architectural forms found in the region is provided. Illustrations include 38 plans which enable comparisons to be made and churches to be more easily understood as important markers in the history of early Christianity.


70p + x, colour plates illus tables indexes bibliography, ISBN 978-0-9803747-1-1

Buried History Monograph #4


Ancient Near Eastern cylinder and stamp seals in Australian collections (2nd ed).

by Merrillees, Parvine H.


This catalogue of ancient Near Eastern cylinder and stamp seals in Australian public collections is a revised and updated version of the work which was first published in 1990. It now supplements the catalogue of specimens in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, which was published by the author in 2001, and incorporates several seals from other collections. It does not cover examples in private possession. The seals recorded are mostly without provenance and include some of uncertain origins. They range in style from Cypriote to Persian, and Anatolian to Egyptian, and in date from the late 4th millennium BCE to the early 1st millennium CE. They are representative of the places and periods to which they have been attributed and have been set in their historical and technical contexts for interpretative purposes. These acquisitions, far from the lands where the seals were produced, illustrate not only the course of cultural events through which the Near East passed in antiquity but the development of Australian interest in and taste for Old World archaeology.


162 + vi, colour plates illus tables map bibliography, ISBN  9780980374728


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Early Writing


This booklet outlines the catalogue of works on display for the Early Writing exhibition held at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne in 2003.

Documents of the Egyptian Empire (1580-1380 B.C.)


A collection of Egyptian sources on imperialism under the New Kingdom, from the wars with the Hyksos to Amenhotep III. With brief notes and questions ideal for secondary school students.


Documents of the Assyrian Empire (1115 - 612 B.C.)


A collection of Assyrian sources on the imperialism of the Neo-Assyrian period, from Tiglath-pileser I to the Babylonian Conquest. With brief notes and questions ideal for secondary school students.

Royal Cities of Assyria: Archaeology, The Bible and the Capitals of Ancient Assyria by Gordon G. Garner



The Tyndale Lecture 1976 by Francis I. Andersen


Papyrus: An Ancient Egyptian Process Reconstructed (1971)

$1.00 (7page booklet)




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