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Sponsoring institutions engaged in academic research and fieldwork overseas.

Sponsoring a large number of research projects in the Levant, including archaeological excavation, survey and publication.

Promoting and publishing British research into the archaeology and related subjects of Turkey and surrounding regions.

A museum and research organization devoted to the study of the ancient Near East.

Specialists in Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern studies.

Promoting the study and greater awareness of the archaeology of Cyprus.

Lectures and outings to learn more about archaeology and anthropology.

Greek Mythology Website

Cambridge has the single most important Linear B reference collection and archives in the world and remains a major research centre.

The Valley of the Kings Foundation/Amarna Royal Tombs Project

Comprehensive archaeological database of Thebes incorporating modern surveying techniques and 3-D computer models of the tombs.

Learning the Ancient Egyptian language and culture.

Egyptian art and civilization

The Language and history of Ancient Egypt

Shop for your favorite Egyptomaniac

Computer reconstruction of the burial chamber of Sennedjem

News and Gossip

A German website on TELL SHEIKH HAMAD, Middle- and Neo-Assyrian: DUR-KATLIMMU, Late Neo- and Post-Assyrian: MAGDALU, Hellenistic and Roman: MAGDALA

Introduction to Mesopotamia

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative

About Cuneiform Writing

Learn about the Akkadian script

Introduction to the Culture of Nippur

Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives

An index to the common texts in the Hallo Context of Scripture volumes and Pritchard's ANET

The Heritage of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East

Compiled by the Oriental Institute in response to the crisis in Iraq during and after the war in Spring 2003

Joint Syria-Italian Mission to Mishrifeh/Qatna is now online. Accessible in Arabic, English and Italian.

One of the World's finest collections of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures.

One of the greatest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology in the world. It illustrates life in the Nile Valley from prehistory through the time of the pharaohs, the Ptolemaic, Roman and Coptic periods to the Islamic period.

A collection of free digital maps for educational use

Flagship publication of the American Institute of Archaeology and one of the world's most distinguished journals of archaeological scholarship.

Biblical Archaeology Review connects the academic study of archaeology to a broad general audience eager to understand the world of the Bible.

Aramaic Studies brings all aspects of Aramaic language and literature together to help shape the field of Aramaic Studies more clearly.

Published by the American Institute of Archaeology, Archaeology magazine covers worldwide archaeology, written by professionals for the general public.

Journal Published by the University of Melbourne, this journal is refereed and accepts original articles devoted to the study of languages and cultures of the ancient Near East.

The Journal of Near Eastern Studies is devoted to the study of the civilizations of the Near East from prehistory to the end of the Ottoman period in 1922.  Published by University of Chicago Press.

The results of the 2006 and 2007 excavation seasons at Ramat Rachel (and links to the Hebrew and English publications of the 2005 season in Hadashot Arkheologiyot) are now published online in the new and updated internet site of the project

A comprehensive collection of scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences searchable online.

Online biblical libraries, journals, theology, commentary and more!

Online bookshop for everything on Archaeology, Prehistory, the Classical World, and many more disciplines!

The Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

Dedicated to delivering the latest news, features, editorials, commentary, archaeological interpretation and excavations relevant to the study of the Bible.

Field forward thinking, teaching and resource network for Bible and ancient Near East

Provides a forum for exchange of information and research in historical metallurgy.

Initiates and promotes research into the origins and developments of metallurgy and its culture-historical significances.

APIS links together in a single environment various sources of information about texts written on papyrus and the society that produced them.

The Duke Papyrus Archive provides electronic access to texts about and images of nearly 1400 papyri from ancient Egypt.

Supporting and promoting new research, graduate student training and international collaboration in the decipherment of the largely unstudied Tebtunis Papyri.

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